QLD Blue Couch – 150 M2 or More


  • Premium quality guarantee
  • Free delivery in South Brisbane and part of the Gold Coast
  • We will contact you after you place your order for delivery and payment
  • Payment will need to be made before delivery (before the turf is cut)
  • The delivery time is based on other orders’ locations and distance from the farm. We will give an ETA one day before the delivery
  • On the day after the trucks pass the farm gate, we have minimal control for delivery. If your turf doesn’t arrive at the expected time, please give us a call, text or email. We will try to contact the driver and get back to you. Sometimes we may not be able to attend the phone call, however, we definitely will get back to you as soon as possible on the day.
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. Beautiful dark Blue green colour

. Finer soft leaf texture

. Suitable in hot sunny conditions

. Not suitable for shaded/high traffic areas

. Recover quickly from damage

. Medium drought tolerance

. May appear as mixed green and blue colour

. Not single-clone variety, may NOT look identical in leaves width and shape