Summer lawn care in Australia: 5 tips for a healthy lawn

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Keeping your lawn alive during the harsh Australian summer can be a struggle. From floods to drought, Aussies have a lot to contend with when it comes to summer lawn care. A luscious lawn is essential for all the backyard activities that are a staple in the Aussie summer. From barbeques to slip and slides, backyard summer fun starts with a healthy lawn. If your lawn is looking a little battered by the harsh conditions this summer, keep reading for your complete guide to summer lawn care.

Tip 1: Don’t mow too low

Australia summer means heavy rainfall and grass that grows like crazy. As part of your summer lawn care routine, you may be inclined to mow your lawn more often as it starts to look a bit wild after all those summer storms. Just ensure that you’re not mowing your grass too low as longer grass provides cover your lawn’s deep root system, insulating the soil from the sun and preventing excessive water evaporation.

Tip 2: Fertilize, fertilize fertilize! 

 A well-fed lawn is a happy lawn! Summer lawn care starts with giving your lawn a fighting chance against the harsh Australian summer by making sure it’s well-fed. Keeping your lawn well-fertilized during summer will give your lawn the nutrient boost it needs to stay green and healthy through summer dry spells.

 Tip 3: Water regularly and early in the day

 High temperatures and the blazing Australian sun often mean that your poor lawn is dying of thirst! Watering early in the morning gives the water time to soak through to the deep root system before it evaporates. Not only is this great for your lawn, but it also minimises water wastage which is essential during those summer water restrictions. Many lawn owners make the mistake of watering their lawn at night. While watering at night protects against evaporation, a damp lawn can lead to waterlogging and fungal disease. If you think your lawn may have a fungal disease, check out our blog on identifying if your lawn is sick. 

 Tip 4: Use a wetting agent

Investing in a wetting agent will make the most out of every drop of water sprinkled onto your lawn. Wetting agents can more than double the amount of water that your lawn retains. Less watering and more water saved means a win for you and a win for the environment! Optimise your summer lawn care schedule by choosing a wetting agent that also fertilizes your lawn at the same time.

Tip 5: Choose the right turf 

Summer lawn care can be simplified by choosing a variety of grass that is bred for harsh conditions. Consider species of grass such as Buffalo and Zoysia that have a high drought tolerance, or Queensland Blue Crouch that thrives in full sunlight. If you’re not sure where to start when selecting a variety of turf that’s right for you, have a chat with us today.

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