Want a green lawn all summer? Here’s 6 tips! 

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One of the biggest concerns we hear during summer is how to keep your lawn green. With issues including the harsh summer sun, increased foot traffic, kids, pets and more; you lawn can start looking a little dry and lifeless. Fortunately, we have some tips you can follow to give your lawn the best possible outcome during the hot summer period.

Tip #1: Keep your grass longer in summer

By changing your mower setting and keep your grass slightly higher at around ¾ of the blade height. This will ensure your grass roots have plenty of cover from the summer sun and also more surface area for the blades of grass to photosynthesise, resulting in deeper, stronger root systems.  


Tip #2: Water your lawn early in the morning

Watering your lawn early in the morning (around 5am is ideal) give your soil more time to absorb the water, before the sun dries it out. When the water has time to absorb the water, it will develop a stronger, deeper root system, which will make it more drought tolerant during the warm, dry seasons. 


Tip #3: Give your yard a deep soak, when it needs it. 

Rather than giving your lawn a quick water two or three times a week, give it a deep soak so the Water can thoroughly soak into the soil and root system. You’ll know when your lawn needs watering by taking a quick walk around and assessing its condition. If the turf blades of the lawn are beginning to wilt and there’s slight leaf discolouration, then it’s time for another soak.


Tip #5: Keep your mower well maintained. 

Dull mower blades will tear, not cut your lawn, leaving your lawn with brown tips and additional stress. Make sure your mower blades are sharp, and you regularly change the oil, filter and spark plugs. 


Tip #6: Treat any damage caused by pet urine or waste, asap. 

When your pets do their business on your lawn, they are basically dumping highly concentrated doses of nitrogen on the lawn, causing it to burn and go brown. If you know where your pet does it’s thing, make sure to water the area as soon as you can afterwards. It helps to make sure your dog is hydrated so that it’s pee is as diluted as possible. If you can train your dog to pee in a singular spot (our hat goes off to you), you can possibly fill the area with mulch. 


Need more information on keeping your turf in great shape, or want to discuss your turf needs? Call or enquire online with your turf specialist, Turfman.  With more than 13 years’ experience in landscaping, and laying new turf and updating your existing lawn; we provide services for homeowners, landlords, and commercial businesses in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and parts of the Gold Coast.