4 Reasons Why Artificial Grass Isn’t the Best Choice for Your Yard

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Are you one of the many that think artificial grass, rather than real turf, will be the answer to all your lawn maintenance woes? While it may be the perfect shade of green all year round, and not need watering or mowing; there are many reasons why fake grass isn’t the best choice for your yard.

Firstly, it’s plastic

We are all well aware that excessive plastic is harming our environment. So why add more? Not only is fake grass itself not environmentally friendly, the installation calls for a rock base, rather than organic soils, which means insects, bees, as well as other local fauna and flora can be negatively impacted by your choice to go plastic.

Artificial grass still needs to be maintained

A lot of people think that installing fake grass will solve all of their lawn maintenance issues, but they would be wrong. Artificial grass might not need as much regular maintenance, such as mowing, however, it will need to be regularly sprayed for mould, sporadically weeded (yes, these will grow through your artificial grass), and any pet droppings will need to be picked up, as there’s no soil to absorb them. When fake grass ages, it will need repairing to look its best, which can also become a costly experience. 

It’s not as good for your health

Artificial turf is often seen as the practical choice for areas and climates where grass is patchy in summer or muddy in winter, so the yard can be utilised year-round. While the yard may be used throughout every season, children (and adults) can miss out on the health benefits that organic soil, turf and yards can deliver. Natural turf produces cleaner air, reduces noise and heat, and helps to promote stronger immune systems in children

And for adults? Research has shown that the particular chemical released by grass when it is mown, leaving us with the feeling of being happy and relaxed. This chemical and its effect on us is believed to be good for mental health and help to prevent mental decline in old age.

Artificial grass can get VERY hot

As I am sure you are aware, summers in Australia can be brutally hot, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that plastic grass that’s sitting in the sun all day has the ability to burn your feet and those of your pets. Reports have shown fake grass with temperatures of up to 65-degrees on a 35-degree day, which has the potential to cause some serious damage. 

So there you have it. While synthetic turf may look lovely and green from day one, you, your family, your pets, and the environment will experience benefits of installing turf for years to come. 


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