4 tips for getting the perfect lawn this Christmas

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With summer in full swing in Queensland, the temperatures tend to linger high for weeks on end – and many of us are fortunate enough to be able to escape to an air-conditioned place when the heat becomes unbearable.

But what about your lawn? Here are four suggestions for giving your lawn the boost it needs to look its best by the time Santa arrives.


Automate your watering 

Regularly watering your lawn now will ensure that it remains green and healthy throughout the summer months with minimal effort. Consistency is crucial when it comes to keeping the grass fresh; with a consistent watering regimen, the lawn will become greener and healthier by the day. The optimal time to water is in the middle of the morning, when your grass will have had enough time to absorb the water before the intense midday sun strikes.


Mow your lawn higher than usual 

When the sun shines down on your lawn, it’s critical to keep the root system and soil from drying up. Setting your mower to a height of 3-5 cm is the best way to do this; by keeping your lawn longer, you’ll be able to naturally shade its root systems and soil. To avoid cutting your grass too short, lessen the frequency with which you mow, allowing it to grow out a little longer than it would in the cooler months.


Aerate your lawn 

Remove any heavy objects from the lawn that have caused or may cause soil compaction, and then aerate it as needed.. A sturdy garden fork can be used to aerate the soil by pushing the fork into the soil and creating air pockets.


Fertilise your lawn 

It’s time to feed your lawn; grasses need to be fed while they’re growing, and during the summer, a balanced, slow-release fertiliser works best. While mowing and watering your lawn are necessary, fertilising your grass is one of the most overlooked aspects of lawn care. As your grass develops, it absorbs nutrients from the soil, but these nutrients will deplete with time, requiring the use of fertiliser to keep your turf happy.


Our team are lawn care experts and will be able to diagnose and treat any issues on your lawn. With only a few weeks left before the big day, now is the time to book! Contact us and give yourself the best lawn on the block this Christmas.