5 tips for a weed-free lawn and garden

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weed-free-lawn-gardenEvery Australian knows the feeling – stepping onto what looks like a lush, green lawn and standing directly on a patch of razor-sharp bindi-eyes. Warmer weather and wetter months mean flourishing gardens, but also thriving weeds. Whether you practically live in your garden or only set foot on your lawn a few times a year, keeping your backyard weed-free doesn’t have to be hard. Follow these simple tips to ensure that your lawn and garden are weed-free all year round.


Weed-free tip #1 – Don’t give weeds the space to grow

 Any patches of bare soil give weeds an opportunity to take hold. Protect sparse areas in your garden with dense ground-covering plants such as Mondo Grass or low-growing succulents. Once established, these ground covers will be your garden’s bodyguard against weeds!


Weed-free tip #3 – Healthy soil prevents weeds

 Weeds in your lawn or garden are often a sign that the soil is lacking in nutrients. Give your garden a good feed with some quality fertilizer and cover it with mulch to keep the soil moist and in tip-top shape. Don’t neglect your lawn when fertilizing and remember to aerate it regularly to ensure the soil is well oxygenated. Check out our blog on the best fertilizers for Buffalo Grass to read more about the benefits of a well-fertilized lawn. 


Weed-free tip #4 – Enlist animal helpers to stay weed-free

Work smarter not harder for a weed-free backyard. If you have a bit of space, chickens, guinea pigs or even a goat can help weed the lawn while fertilizing the soil at the same time. Just keep in mind that most animals that eat weeds will also eat other plants. Be mindful of where you allow your furry friends to roam in your backyard to avoid your whole garden being devoured. Additionally, keep in mind that some animals can do your lawn more harm than good. Read our blog on how your dog may actually be damaging your lawn. 


Weed-free #2- Iron Sulphate for a weed-free lawn


If you find yourself with a dreaded bindi infestation in your lawn, you can pick up Iron Sulphate from your local garden centre. Just 2 tablespoons of Iron Sulphate in 4.5 litres of water sprayed onto the lawn affected by bindis should do the trick. You’ll be playing lawn games again in no time!


Weed-free tip #5 – Good old-fashioned manual weeding

 If you don’t mind a bit of manual labour, regularly removing weeds from the soil by hand is an effective way to keep your lawn and garden weed-free. Get the kids involved (maybe with the lure of some extra pocket money) and spend a sunny afternoon out in the backyard.  


Putting a little effort into weeding your lawn and garden now will mean you can enjoy a weed-free backyard all summer long. Looking to lay some fresh turf? Contact your friendly Turfman team today or give us a call on 0490 363 074.