The Best Types Of Fertilisers To Use On Buffalo Grass

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Fertiliser is a vital part of a good lawn care routine, yet it’s often overlooked. Using the right fertiliser can add colour, strength, and vitality to your lawn. Certain lawn varieties, such as the common buffalo grass, will benefit from specific types of fertiliser over others. To ensure your buffalo lawn is looking its best, we wanted to share our tips for choosing the right fertiliser for the job. 

Why your lawn needs a fertiliser

Fertilisers are full of soil enhancing minerals, which improve soil quality, root strength, and promote growth and that lush green colour in your lawn. Even if you consistently water and mow your lawn, it may still need added nutrients to thrive and look it’s best.


An iron-rich fertiliser is best for buffalo lawns

When trying to improve the look and health of your buffalo lawn, find a fertiliser with added iron. While there are several fertilisers on the market which claim to be specifically developed for buffalo lawns (and have the additional price tag), you can simply buy a standard lawn fertiliser and a cheap iron supplement to achieve the same results for your lawn. This additional iron helps the buffalo grass keep its rich dark green colour. 


Standard or slow release fertiliser: which is best?

Standard and slow release fertilisers are the two most common types you will find; but what’s the difference and which is best for your buffalo lawn?

Standard fertilisers consist of nutrients that are watered into the soil and begin to break down immediately. Your soil will completely absorb the fertiliser and nutrients within a week. Due to the fast nature of the standard fertiliser, it can often result in fertiliser burn if not applied properly, so be sure to take care when using this type of fertiliser.

When it comes to buffalo grass, however, a slow release fertiliser is best. Rather than the nutrients breaking down immediately, the slow-release fertiliser is designed to release the nutrients over two to three months. Due to the slow release of the fertiliser, your lawn will see steady growth and a strong root system, as the soil has more time to absorb the nutrients provided to it.  As they take so much longer for your soil to absorb, they also only need to be applied a few times a year, which saves you time and money! 

A slow release fertiliser promotes strong, steady growth, which will result in the root system developing properly and the plant strengthening itself in the long term.

Buy locally for the best result

The best fertiliser for your lawn is one that’s perfectly suited to your soil type. A locally produced fertiliser has been tried and tested in the local soils, so you know they will be well suited for your backyard. Finding a local business to purchase your fertiliser is more cost effective as there’s no transportation fees AND you get to support your local community (win, win!).

So, when looking to fertilise your buffalo turf, find a nutrient-packed, slow release fertiliser with added iron supplement, from your local landscaping or turf supplier. That way, you’ll know your buffalo turf is in safe hands and ready to look its ‘deep green’ best all year round. 

If you need more advice on the best fertilisers for your buffalo grass, don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can reach us via email at or over the phone on 0490 363 074.