Are you preparing your soil for turf? Here’s the equipment you need

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It’s no surprise that preparing your soil for turf isn’t an easy job. It is, however, an important one if you want your turf to not only survive but thrive in your yard. With the equipment and correct preparation of your yard and soil BEFORE laying turf, you can  ensure your lawn is level and has the best possible start to promote healthy root growth. To do so, we wanted to take you through the equipment you can utilise to make the job as easy and effective as possible. Before you know it, you’ll have a lush, healthy lawn for your family to enjoy all year round. 

Okay, so let’s go over the different equipment you may need to prepare your soil. You can hire all of the below mentioned equipment from your local Bunnings, Kennards or outdoor specialist stores


Step one: Clearing weeds and debris

Equipment: Rake, Mini Excavator or Bobcat

Firstly you will need to remove all weeds, rocks and debris from your soil. This is done with a rake and, if required, some roundup to kill any weeds that are present. You need to ensure there are completely dead so they don’t re-shoot through the new turf. 

If you are removing old turf, you can manually remove it with a shovel and wheelbarrow, however we recommended a mini excavator or a bobcat for the job. You can hire these for a weekend and will save you not just time but a whole lot of back pain, too! Of course, if you do choose to utilise an excavator, rotary hoe, or any other equipment, please ensure you follow the safety guidelines and wear appropriate eyewear, boots and clothing. 


Step two: Prepare the Soil

Equipment: Rotary Hoe

In order to give your soil the best start possible, you need to ‘loosen’ the soil to allow the new turf to root well in the ground. Depending on how compact your current ground is, your best bet is to go straight for a rotary hoe, as the counter-rotating tines can break up the most difficult soil, clay or sod. Of course, you will need to be mindful of any underground pipes or cables in your yard. Using a rotary hoe, it’s recommended that the soil be worked to a depth of 100-150mm. As a time estimate, you should be able to get through approximately 90m2 in a couple of hours.


Step three: Level out soil and fill in any gaps

Equipment: Level rake, mini excavator or bobcat

Next up, you need to level the soil to ensure the turf has a flat and mound-free surface to attach to. The best way to do this is with an easy level rake, or in a pinch, just a normal regular rake will do. Just make sure your soil is even and level; the way you want your lawn to be. Any shallow points or gaps in your soil will need to be filled in as well. If there are significant patches to be filled, that excavator/bobcat from earlier will be your best friend. 

This is also a great time to throw down some high-nutrient fertiliser, which will give your turf the best possible start. 


Step four: Lay your turf and use a roller to smooth the surface

Equipment: Lawn Roller

Unfortunately laying your turf requires some manual labour (and hopefully a few friends on the day). Once you have installed your turf, however, going over it with a lawn roller but really impacts the overall surface of your lawn. You would be surprised how the little bumps and lumps you miss before installation can impact the overall surface of the lawn. 


So there you have it, a trip to Bunnings and a few pieces of equipment can make a huge difference to the quality and finished result of your turf. If you are short on time or would rather leave it to the professionals, Turf Man are here for you. Servicing Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and everywhere in between; our friendly local team can book, deliver and install your new yard. Contact us today on 0490 363 074 or enquire online and let us transform your yard.