Choosing a Turf Supplier? Here’s the Top 5 Questions You Should Ask!

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Whether you have recently built a new home, purchased a property or are simply renovating your existing yard; installing new turf is a great way to add value and improve the look of your property. Choosing a company to supply and potentially install your new turf isn’t a choice we make on a regular basis, so you might not know what questions to ask to ensure your turf is high quality and installed properly. 

When purchasing turf, there’s a few things you need to consider, such as the turf type and quality, price, service, and the experience of the team who will install it for you. To help make the process as easy as possible, we’ve put together a few questions you can ask to ensure you are getting the best option and price available.


Where is the turf grown?

When purchasing turf, you want to be sure the variety is right for your area, block and soil conditions. Whether you live near the beach and have sandy soil, or have a lot of tree coverage and shade; there will be a turf variety that’s best suited to grow in your yard. An experienced and confident turf supplier will be able to answer all these questions and more. 

Furthermore, a quality turf supplier will grow the turf locally, so you know the turf is well-suited to the climate, and won’t spend days on a hot truck getting to your yard. You want your turf installed as soon as possible after it’s cut to give it the best start.

A respectable supplier will be more than happy to show you exactly where the turf is grown, the quality of the turf and explain the best variety for your yard; so ask the question. 


Do they have a good reputation?

It always pays to do research on a company before going ahead with them. You might have a fantastic price for your turf, but if the company has terrible reviews and are known for cutting corners, you’re taking a big risk with your lawn and money. Choosing a reputable turf company delivering quality turf is much more important that scoring a good deal. 

Ask friends or neighbours for a recommendation, or do a google search and check their reviews online. There’s no better indication of a company’s service than the reviews of their customers, like this one we received after a recent lawn installation…

I highly recommend Richie from Turfman. He was polite, on time and knowledgeable from the outset so I immediately felt at ease and confident about the process. The job was carried out to a very professional standard and at a great price. I am very happy. Thanks Richie!” – Iiona B.


Can they cut your turf to order?

As we mentioned earlier, you want to make sure your lawn is installed as soon as possible after it’s cut; fresh is always best when it comes to turf! Ensure your turf is cut to order, rather than pre-cut, meaning they only cut the amount they need for your lawn as they need it, so it’s straight from the farm to your property. This will give your roots and lawn the best start and chance to thrive. 


Do they install?

While you can install your lawn yourself, using a professional will guarantee success. The best turf supplied will install the lawn themselves, so it’s good to make sure you know the cost for this, the turnaround time and what accessibility they need to get the machinery into your yard. This can all be checked and confirmed when they measure your yard for turf. 


Do they offer any support or guarantees after your turf is installed? 

A reputable turf supplier will be around to help with any issues after your turf is installed. They can answer questions or fix any issues that arise following installation. Your new turf shouldn’t have any weeds, so be sure to highlight this with then prior to purchase. 

Turf isn’t an everyday purchase, so ensuring you are confident with your choice of company and variety is vital to having a lawn you can be proud of for years to come. Make sure you ask the right questions, and do your company research, you can be confident you will find the best turf, from the best supplier, at the best price.


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