First Time Buyer: Which Buffalo Grass Should You Buy?

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Are you searching for the right Buffalo Grass to install in your backyard? At Turfman, we offer two different varieties of Buffalo grass to suit the various needs of our customers and conditions. These include Sapphire Buffalo Grass and Palmetto Buffalo Grass. The team at Turfman understand it’s not always easy selecting between the two, so we’ve written a step by step guide for first-time buyers who are unsure where to start when researching Buffalo Turf.


Step 1: What Research Do You Need To Do?

The first step to selecting any turf variety is to conduct research. Here you will be listing your expectations of the Buffalo Turf and the types of conditions it needs to withstand. These could be drought tolerance, full sun exposure, shady areas, part sun/ part shade, high traffic, coastal areas or even low maintenance.


We highly recommend grabbing a pen and paper and to begin listing your expectations using our handy guide below:

  • What will the traffic tolerance be like within this area?
  • What kind of maintenance am I prepared to do?
  • What self-repairing qualities does the turf need to have?
  • What are the water requirements, and can I provide this?
  • What salt tolerance does the turf need to have? Do I live near the coast or further inland?
  • What sunlight/shade tolerance will the turf need to have?


Step 2: Determine the lawn for your local climate

In Australia, there are three different climate types that impact the turf variety suited for you. Understanding your home climate will help to select the appropriate lawn variety that will thrive and survive within your area. The climates within Australia include the following:


  • Warm climates within Australia include regions from Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Townsville. This is where temperature can reach an average of 35 degrees in summer and 0 degrees in winters.
  • Cool climates within Australia include regions from Canberra, Snowy Mountains, Tasmania and Armidale. These regions often have snowfall and temperatures averaging below zero in winter.
  • Tropical climates within Australia include regions from Broome, Cairns and Darwin. These areas experience wet and dry seasons, experiencing warm temperatures all year round.


Step 3: Selecting your Buffalo Grass Variety

The next step is to select your Buffalo Turf. Buffalo Turf is one of our favourite varieties because it is tough, tolerant and requires very little maintenance. It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not! We can assure you that Buffalo Turf is a favourite among Australian homeowners because it tolerates wear and tear whilst withstanding full sun and shady conditions. Below we have listed our two favourite Buffalo Grasses that are available and ready for order all year round at Turfman.


  • Sapphire Buffalo is a fantastic turf that can tolerate high drought conditions and performs well in both full sun and shaded areas. If you’re looking to install this variety in a high traffic area, don’t stress! Sapphire Buffalo has self-repairing qualities that ensure it looks lush and green all year round.


  • Palmetto Buffalo is another popular Buffalo Lawn variety that is loved for its soft leaf which produces less seed head than most. This means grass allergy sufferers no longer have to endure constant breathing and sneezing problems all-year. Furthermore, the Palmetto Buffalo retains an excellent colour year-round and only requiring 3 to 4 hours of direct sunlight to stay vibrant.


Finding the right turf variety to suit your lifestyle and climate needs can be difficult. Feel free to click through to the remainder of our farm varieties for more premium turf that won’t disappoint!

As always, we’d love to hear from you! Contact our friendly team today for more information on any of the products we stock or if you’d just like a chat. We are the trusted local turf suppliers servicing all regions from the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast. Connect with us today on Facebook.