5 Ways to prevent lawn disease

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For many homeowners, your lawn is an extension of your home. The way your lawn looks is a direct reflection of how well you care for your humble abode… and for many of us, it’s our pride and joy. A lot of homeowners spend hours trimming, manicuring, testing the soil and spending thousands on fertiliser. So nobody wants their hard work brought to an end because of lawn disease. When it comes to dealing with lawn fungus, prevention is better than cure. 


Here are five tips to grow a strong and healthy lawn designed to prevent fungal diseases. 


Fertilise your lawn regularly 

Nutrient deficiencies can weaken grass plants, so feed your lawn 4 times per year with a lawn builder. Underfertilising leaves grass unnourished, whilst over-fertilising promotes weak and rushed growth – both mistakes set up lawns for disease. Fertilise with premium products that release essential nutrients at high levels. 


Water your lawn 

Many diseases infect lawns when grass blades are wet. To keep your lawn dry, water only if needed but deeply so you can go longer between watering. Watering in the morning, between 6 am and 10 am, is best since the grass has plenty of time to dry during the day. Avoid watering late in the day or night, this will make your lawn more prone to diseases. 


Mow your lawn 

Mow often but beware that mowing the blades too short weakens the grass plant, making it more susceptible to infection. Most grass types should be mowed using a high mowing setting. 


Aerate the soil

To maintain good turf, you’ll want to be sure the soil it sits in is at a healthy PH. This can easily be established by conducting soil tests to identify any nutrient deficiencies. It’s a great idea to loosen the soil every year or two for aeration. This is so oxygen, water and nutrients can penetrate to roots with ease and prevents the top layer of soil from becoming too compacted.         


Apply anti-fungal

To control lawn diseases such as brown patch and dollar spots – or to prevent them entirely – apply an anti-fungicide made for lawns. 


If you suspect, your lawn might not be in the greatest health and is struggling to fight off fungal diseases, give us a call at Turfman and see how one of our friendly experts can help you today!


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