Preparing your lawn for your vacation

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Wouldn’t it be lovely to pack your belongings and go on a summer vacation without having to worry about anything at home?

But, alas, in the real world, such is simply not possible. Pets require attention, mail must be collected, plants must be watered, and your lawn must be maintained. 

The amount of preparation you will need to make depends completely on the length of time you are planning to be away.

Mow before you leave 

Because it will be a while before your grass is mowed again, mowing the day before you go for vacation is crucial. The amount of grass you cut should be determined by how long you’ll be gone. If you’re only going to be gone for a week or less, there’s no need to change your mowing height. If you’ll be gone for more than a week, reduce the blade one setting lower than usual to prevent your grass from becoming overgrown when you return. 

Water your lawn

It is necessary to water your lawn before you leave on your holiday. Water the lawn the day before, but make sure that you water the lawn after the lawn has been mowed; you wouldn’t want to mow just before it has been rained, so make sure that you follow the same logic when watering. 

Check for pests and lawn diseases 

There are a few more lawn care duties to finish before you leave for your vacation. Make sure your lawn is free of insects and diseases. You’ll want to spray any weeds with a selective pesticide and trim any plants that need grooming. Mulch is also an excellent option because it will assist your soil to retain water and prevent weed growth.

Reschedule major lawn maintenance tasks 

When you are able to monitor the impacts of your lawn, reseeding, fertilising, aerating, sodding, and de-thatching should be done. As a result, large lawn duties should be rescheduled for after you return from vacation. 

However, if you still want to fertilise your lawn while you’re away, simply leave some grass clippings behind to act as a natural fertiliser. Before you re-mow your lawn, pick up the excess grass clippings when you return.


Preparing your lawn before you take an extended vacation will have you coming back to a healthy lawn. Hence, make lawn care one of your priorities while you are preparing to go on vacation.   

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