Spend Time In Your Backyard: The Health Benefits & How You Can Reap Them

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Being at home doesn’t mean having to be cooped up indoors. There are a number of health benefits in spending time outside, whether it’s out in the great outdoors or at home in your own backyard.

Have you ever noticed you feel happier when you’re outside, spending time in the sun? Being around nature, hearing the sounds of the birds, the wind and feeling the breeze on your face is something that always seems to lift the mood. And studies have proven it.

Spending some time outside in the sun a few times a week for 10 to 15 minutes gives you a good dose of Vitamin D, which helps maintain healthy bones & teeth, improves the immune system and is important for brain function.
Research has also shown that vitamin D may play an important role in regulating your mood.

Psychologist Mark E. Beecer from Brigham Young University conducted a study of over 16 thousand adults, which analysed their therapeutic distress over a 6 year period. His study found seasonal increases in the amount of time spent in the sun were linked to emotional stress decreases – while changing temperature & pollution variables had little to no effect.

Being outside also increases motivation to be active – which, if acted upon releases endorphins; the feel-good chemical that improves your mood.

Aside from what the research suggests, for many there is a noticeable difference in our stress levels, overall feelings of wellbeing and levels of relaxation when spending time outside.

Well set up backyards with plenty of greenery provide us with a space to de-stress, get a breath of fresh air and calm our minds.

Backyard Relaxation Ideas

Staying at home, working from home or simply want to make the best of your own green space? Here’s a list of ideas to get you started.

Make your space great

If your backyard isn’t as inviting as it could be, a backyard makeover project can be a great way to focus your energy – this can provide a sense of fulfilment & relieve stress in itself.

Think green spaces. Start with a nice green ​lawn​, then add plenty of plant life. Make sure you have somewhere to chill out in the shade. And of course, make sure you have a nice, inviting & comfortable spot to soak it all in.

At Turfman, we’re passionate about transforming backyards. With more than 13 years’ experience in landscaping & supplying ​premium turf​ for both residential and commercial buildings, we know how much ​great grass​ can improve the look & feel of an outdoor space.

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Backyard maintenance

Been meaning to get around to the weeding, mow the lawn or finish up your backyard improvement projects? Getting in & getting these done results in an awesome sense of achievement at the end and can also help you take your mind off other stressors in the process.

Make your space fun

What are the things you like doing outside, and how can you bring these to your backyard?
Sometimes it’s as simple as buying an outdoor cricket set, a football to throw around or a nostalgia-inducing slip n slide. Bring the fun to your backyard & you can transform it into a place to spend time with your family or embrace your inner child.

Take your work or chores outside

You don’t have to spend long outside each day to lift your mood. If you’re working from home, have to make some calls or have a long list of life admin jobs to do, why not take them outside for a short while. Not only will it change up your routine, but it’s also sure to help perk you up to stay productive & ready to tackle the rest of the day.

Take a breath of fresh air & relax

Spending some time outside on your time off is a great way to relax. Read a book, take in your surroundings or simply lay down in the grass for a while and just enjoy being present in the outdoors. Look up at the sky & clouds or take a well-deserved nap in the shade.

Get active outside

Whether it’s some relaxing yoga or stretching, an at home weights & strength session or a full on cardio-workout, take your activity outside & enjoy.

Take your hobbies outside

Depending on what you most like to do in your spare time, there are plenty of hobbies that can be taken outside for extra enjoyment. Whether it’s taking up knitting, learning to play guitar, sketching, painting or something else creative, why not take it outside?

No backyard? Think outside the box

If you’re reading this with backyard envy, never fear. Think outside the box. If you have a balcony, transform this into your mini nature escape by investing in some greenery or maybe even a herb garden to grow some edibles for your next cooking masterpiece. Don’t have a veranda? Buy some indoor-friendly pot plants & decorate your home plants – sure to help improve your mood.

We hope this list has helped inspire you to spend more time in your backyard & given you some ideas in how to do so. Remember, if you’re feeling stressed or a little stir crazy outside, your own backyard can provide a breath of fresh air.

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