Top tips to establish your new lawn

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Establish lawn
So, you’ve just had brand new turf installed, it looks great and has completely transformed your home, but the hard work isn’t over yet! The first 2-3 weeks after your new turf has been laid are crucial to having an established lawn. If you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to establish your new lawn.

Tip #1: Prepare your soil

Prior preparation before your new lawn is laid is essential to giving your turf the best possible start! Make sure that debris has been cleared from the soil, there is plenty of drainage and fertilise the topsoil. Completing this prep work will help your grass maintain a healthy root system, increasing its chance of establishing.

Tip #2: Water your turf regularly

Keeping the soil moist with regular watering is critical to establishing lush and long rooted turf. For the best results, water your lawn within 30 minutes of installation, just enough to re-hydrate your grass. From then, your lawn will need to be watered daily until it has been established (if you can’t pull your turf corners from the ground). Once your turf’s roots have grown deep into the soil it will require less watering.
Extra tip: Try not to overwater your grass, this can be done by keeping your lawn damp not wet.

Tip #3: Feed your lawn with fertiliser

Regularly fertilising your lawn will give it the nutrients it needs to grow strong roots. After your turf’s initial laying it’s essential to maintain a fertilising schedule to achieve the best results from your grass.
If you’re unsure about the best way to fertilise your lawn, read our guide to feeding your turf to learn more.

Tip #4: Only mow an established lawn

Mowing your grass is detrimental to the establishment of your lawn, if not done correctly. Before mowing your lawn, make sure your lawn has established to the soil (check this by pulling your turf corners from the ground). Your lawn can usually be mown once it’s grown to double its initial height but make sure not to mow any more than 1/3 of the leaf.

Tip #5: Minimise lawn traffic

Excess traffic on your new turf may affect its levels and ability to establish. To ensure your lawn has time to develop strong roots minimise traffic on your lawn for the first couple of weeks. This will allow your turf’s roots time to grow deep into the soil.
Installing and caring for turf isn’t easy but with a little help from the professionals it can be! Here at Turfman, we have more than 13 years’ experience so you can be sure that your lawn is in great hands! For more information about turf care or a quote for new turf, contact the Turfman team through our website or on 1300 781 175.