Water is the most important element to your lawn

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We had very hot days with no rains for a few weeks in November-December this year as usual. We installed our new lawns about two months ago, and we had stopped watering them for about three weeks until 01.12.2016, as shown on the photo on the left. We noticed brown patches showing here and there in our backyard, but this corner is the worst. It looked like it had been burnt completely.

As I mentioned in the last article, we thought we might have some disease going on, and dug out the corner of the lawn, but found nothing underneath. We then started to water them day and night for 30 min each. After 7 days, they were back to live. As shown in the middle photo, some new grass is coming out and the circle was getting smaller. The last photo was taken this morning, note that we haven’t watered the lawn for about 3 days after some thunder came last week. The lawn starts getting brown from the edge, I think that is the sign we should start watering them again.

It seems water has the most impact on our lawn, we used Empire Zoysia from our farm. They look absolutely stunning when we look after them. If you love your lawn, keep an eye on them and you will enjoy your beautiful lawn everyday.