Winter Lawn Maintenance: Tips For Looking After Your Lawn Mower

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With winter creeping into our lives, our lawns growth slows for the cooler months. This gives us the perfect opportunity to give our mowers some much needed TLC after a year of hard work! 

Keeping your mower well maintained not only lengthens the life of the mower, but also improves the condition of your lawn. Here’s a few simple steps to giving your lawn mower some much love and keep it in tip-top condition. 


Safely work on your mower

Before you start any maintenance on your lawn mower, make sure it’s safe to work on. The spark plug should be disconnected and the throttle in the ‘off’ position. You should also ensure the engine is completely cool before beginning any maintenance. For your safety and to ensure you don’t get oil or grime all over you, it’s best to wear some gardening gloves or similar while you check your mower.


Clean the outside of the mower

Before you get started on the gritty internals of the mower, take some rags and soft brushes to clean the outside. Any dirt, grime, or grass that builds up over time can cause problems; so this is something easy you can do after each time you mow. 

It’s not a good idea to tip your lawn mower upside down, so just lean it back so you can clean and check underneath. Use the brushes to remove the grass. It’s especially important to do this if you have a steel mower because a build-up of grass can cause rust.


Check the spark plug and air filter 

To check the spark plug, use a socket set to remove it from the underside of the mower. Take a wire brush and give the spark plug a good clean. If it needs replacing, a new spark plug could give your mower a new lease on life, especially if your mower is a two-stroke, as they will need replacing more often. When replacing the spark plug, screw it in as far as it will go with your hand, so that you don’t cross-thread it, then tighten it with the socket. Your air filter is another thing you need to check, clean, and replace if necessary. It’s pretty simple; just give it a few shakes and a brush over to remove any dirt buildup. 


Check your mowers oil

Much like your car, the oil is something easy to check, but something you need to keep an eye on to ensure it’s not too low as this can cause serious damage. If it’s dark and dirty, you’ll need to drain it and replace the oil. You should also make sure you don’t keep petrol in the mower for too long, try to only fill enough to mow your lawn, as you need it. 


Apply a lubricant such as WD-40

Keep your mowers parts running smoothly by applying some WD-40 or a similar lubricant to the wheels, throttle cable, and the mower’s height adjuster. Wipe away any excess so it doesn’t build up on your mower. 


Clean and check underneath the mower, and don’t forget the catcher! 

Tipping your mower upside down can cause problems as fluids can leak into other areas, so to clean underneath our mower; simply lean it backwards and use a brush to give it a clean. Make sure you remove any grass clippings, as these can cause rust to form. Now is also a good time to check your blades are still in good condition. Dull blades not only reduce the quality of your mowing, but actually damage your turf.  While you’re down there, give the mower catcher a brush and/or hose out to remove any dirt, grass clippings or grime build up.

That’s it! By giving your mower a yearly checkup and clean, you’ll extend the life of your mower and keep it running smoothly for the ultimate results on your grass. 

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