Your Ultimate Lawn Games Guide

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We can’t think of a better way to get outside and get active than playing some classic lawn games! We know that there are a ton of lawn games to choose from but we’ve created a list of our absolute favourite games that we think you’ll love. The best part about lawn games is that they can be enjoyed by adults and kids! Here are our top lawn game picks. 



Kubb is a seriously great outdoor lawn game from Sweden! Kubb is played in two teams with up to 6 players in each team. The game is set up with 2 baselines (that teams cannot cross) and one middle line. Each team lines up 5 logs against their baseline and the ‘king’ is placed on the middle line. To win, a team must knock down all the other team’s baseline pins and knock down the king on the middle line. 

This lawn game provides hours of entertainment and is seriously addictive! 


Giant Jenga

Who doesn’t love Jenga? This version is exactly like the original, just bigger! To play giant Jenga, you’ll need to set up your giant Jenga blocks in a tower formation (make sure you do this on a flat surface). Every turn, each player will remove a block from the tower and place it on top of the tower without knocking it over! Make sure you aren’t near the tower when it falls. 



A brother to Kubb, Finska is another great lawn game based on a traditional Finnish log tossing game. Finska can be played individually or in teams of up to eight. The aim of the game is to be the first player/team to get to 50 points. Finska comes with pins that all have an allocated point, players take in turns throwing a log at these pins in an attempt to hit 50 points. 

Finska is a lawn game that requires hand eye coordination and mathematical skill! This game is best played on a flat and healthy lawn. Holes and divots will make it difficult to stand the pins. 



Bocce, also known as italian lawn bowling, is one of the oldest and widely played games in the world! Bocce is played in 2 teams with eight large balls and one smaller target ball (pallina). Each team has four balls each made of a different colour/pattern to distinguish teams. A foul line must be distinguished and each player must throw under armed from this line. The aim of the game is to get your team’s ball the closest to the pallina. 

This lawn game is one of our favourites and is a great reason to get outside (be warned it does get a little competitive). 


We guarantee that these lawn games will provide hours of fun for all ages! If you’re looking for more reasons to get outside, read our blog about the benefits of being outside.

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