How to throw the ultimate backyard Christmas party

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There are few things more synonymous with an Aussie Christmas than the humble backyard Christmas party. From prawns to mangos and of course backyard cricket, when Aussies think of Christmas Day we think of gathering with our nearest and dearest for a meal and some outdoor festivities. If you’re on host duty this year, organising an epic outdoor celebration doesn’t have to be hard. Follow these simple tips to throw a backyard Christmas Party that your family will be talking about for years to come! 

Get your lawn backyard Christmas party ready!

The ultimate backyard Christmas party starts with a lawn that is ready for anything. Come Christmas day, your lawn will need to serve many functions; party venue, cricket pitch or even a dance floor so getting your lawn in shape early is essential. We suggest watering more frequently leading up to Christmas day so your lawn is lush, green and ready for a party! For more tips on how to keep your lawn green long after Santa has headed back north for the year, check out our blog on keeping your lawn green all summer 

Light up your backyard 

Forget the harsh fluorescent lights and create some festive ambiance with well-placed Christmas lights. Yet another reason that we Aussies are so lucky to have a summer Christmas are the long days and balmy afternoons that we get this time of year. Taking advantage of the summer afternoon light means that apart from a few Christmas lights, your backyard Christmas party won’t require too much extra lighting. Achieve that Christmas glow by strategically placing fairy lights around your backyard, get creative and place lights around features you want to highlight. If you plan to have an evening meal, ensure that the table is well lit. Consider adding some candles to your table setting for a more traditional Christmas dinner atmosphere. 

Bring the Christmas tree outdoors! 

While there’s nothing wrong with the old plastic Christmas tree you dig out from under the stairs every 12 months, there is nothing like the real deal to up your backyard Christmas party game! For a tree that’s a little less plastic and a little more fantastic this year, why not try an outdoor Christmas tree? Buy the real thing and find a spot for it in the garden, it will look amazing lit up in the backyard and the kids will get a kick out of opening their presents on the lawn Christmas morning. Since your tree will be a feature of your backyard Christmas party, just make sure that your garden is weed-free. You can read our tips for a weed-free lawn and garden to get your backyard ready for the big event. 

Protect your backyard Christmas party from the elements

Australian Weather can be unpredictable during the summer months but that doesn’t have to stop you from celebrating outside. Prepare your backyard Christmas party for all conditions by setting up your outdoor entertaining area under a covered space or gazebo. That way, you can enjoy your lawn while having a contingency plan if an afternoon storm rolls. Christmas day is often a scorcher so have plenty of sunscreen handy for your guest and consider setting up a sprinkler in the backyard for the kids to cool down.

So there you have it, our hot tips for hosting the ultimate backyard Christmas party! Take advantage of the (mostly) glorious weather that makes an Aussie Christmas so unique and take the celebration outside this year. If you’re looking for some more tips to get your turf into shape for your next backyard celebration, contact Turfman today on 0490 363 074 or through our website